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"What we do is more art

and soul than science"


Heiga Studios, nestled in the heart of Downtown Miami, has become a recognized name in the music industry, boasting an impressive legacy of over 20 years. The iconic studio has been the birthplace of numerous award-winning artists, songs, and albums.

Over the years, Helga Studios continues to make a noteworthy impact by contributing to the vibrant music landscape, working closely with major music labels, advertising agencies, tv & film studios, and video game companies including Sony Music Latin, Sony Publishing, Warner Music, Universal Music, Disney, Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal, ComedyCentral, EA Games, The Axis Agency, among others.





Malury Imbernon

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Malury Imbernon,  a woman entrepreneur in the music industry,  has carved the path to success in the world of studio ownership. Her dedication to providing a supportive and inclusive environment has attracted renowned artists from all genres fostering a vibrant community of talent.

Malury's engineering projects include "Loud: the History of Reggaeton" produced by Spotify - #1 on the global podcast chart-, and "Finding Courage", a multi-award-winning documentary on the persecution of Falun Gong in China. As a producer, her clients include Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Horton's, McLamore Foundation among others


Adrian Morales Demori

Vice President  & Executive  Director

Music Production, Licensing, & Publishing

Adrian Morales-Demori is a multi-platinum and Latin Grammy award-winning engineer and producer and the VP of Helga Studios.

Adrian was elected as the Governor at the Florida Chapter for the Recording Academy. In addition, this year Adrian has been serving as the Co-Chair of the Florida Chapter of the P&E (Producers & Engineers) Wing for the Recording Academy.

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